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Zoning Verification Request

There are two ways to obtain a written zoning verification for parcels within the city limits. For either method, provide the correct street address, property ID number or other specific identifier for the parcel.

1. Pre-printed form: A staff planner will fill out the form indicating the future land use designation and zoning classification of the property. The planner may add short explanatory notes as applicable. There is no charge for the pre-printed form. The form can be faxed or mailed back to you.

2. Custom letter on department letterhead:

  • Send request to the City of Lakeland Community Development / Planning Division, 228 S. Massachusetts Ave. Lakeland, FL. 33801. Make clear what information needs to be verified and provide any special instructions for what you wish to have included in the letter.

  • For each letter requested, include a check for $60 payable to the City of Lakeland. (Additional fees may apply when requesting site plans, certificates of occupancy or other documentation.)

  • Payment must be received before we will prepare a verification letter.

  • Turn around is normally about two working days but may be longer, depending on workload.