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Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigation Section, CIS, is divided into four units: Violent Crimes, Property Crimes, General Crimes and Special Victims Unit. The detectives in CIS are assigned cases within their unit based on solvability factors and are responsible for thoroughly investigating cases and exhausting all leads. The Supervisors assigned to CIS attend bi-weekly CrimeStat meetings to discuss crime trends and to develop enforcement strategies. Reviews of crime trends are conducted frequently by CIS supervisors to identify emerging trends and respond as necessary. Moreover, detectives attend patrol briefings to update officers regarding crime trends and suspects of recent criminal activity. Additionally, detectives in CIS share pertinent information with our Street Crimes Unit regarding suspects of interest, and subjects wanted in connection with criminal activity to expedite their apprehension. Intelligence gathering and information sharing is paramount to our overall success. Utilizing the community policing philosophy, members of CIS partner with the community in a collaborative effort to solve criminal activity in their neighborhoods. Detectives further interact with the community by conducting neighborhood canvasses after high profile and/or violent crimes cases to locate potential witnesses and to seek additional information. 

Violent Crimes - The Violent Crimes unit is staffed by a sergeant, 7 full time detectives and 1 part time detective. This unit is responsible for investigating all violent crimes committed in the City of Lakeland. The crimes investigated by this unit are Cold Case Homicides, Homicide, Robbery, Battery, Carjacking, Kidnapping and Weapons Violations.

Property Crimes - The Property Crimes unit is staffed by two sergeants, 9 full time detectives, one part time detective and an Investigative Aide. This unit is responsible for investigating all property crimes committed in the City of Lakeland. The crimes investigated by this unit are Residential Burglary, Motor Vehicle Burglary, Business Burglary, Grand Thefts and Felony Criminal Mischief.

General Crimes - The General Crimes Unit is staffed by a sergeant and 4 detectives. This unit is responsible for investigating all general crimes to include Financial Crimes, Motor Vehicle Theft, Computer and Internet related theft or fraud.

Special Victims Unit – The Special Victim’s Unit is staffed by a sergeant, 5 detectives and an Investigative Aide. The detectives are responsible for investigating all sex related crimes that involve children and adults. The crimes investigated are Child Neglect and Child Abuse, whether by physical abuse or sexual assault of children and any sexual assault, sexual battery or exploitation involving any adult. The detectives are also responsible for monitoring all sex offenders and predators who reside within the City of Lakeland, which includes investigating those offenders/predators that are not in compliance.