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L.E.A.P. Program

The Lakeland Elderly Assistance Program (LEAP) is a voluntary program that is designed to provide a quick and useful resource to members of the Lakeland Police Department and other public safety entities in making contact with family members or neighbors in case of an emergency. This program is designed to improve communication with individuals in situations that could require forced entry into a home as well as quick identification in an urgent case. Overall the mission of this program is to provide exceptional customer service in case of an emergency.

The program is available to City of Lakeland residents age 55 and over. Individuals who wish to register for the program will be asked to complete a registration/authorization form which will provide needed information and emergency contacts for LPD and first responders.

For more information on the program or to have presentation in your neighborhood on LEAP, please contact the Community Services Unit 863.834.6912.

A photo of the Lakeland Elderly Assistance Program poster

Cindy Sharp, Supervisor
Phone: 863.834.6912