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Traffic Unit

A picture of the Lakeland Police Department Traffic Unit in front of a Blue Angels jet


Motor Unit

The highly skilled officers of the Traffic Enforcement Unit who are on motorcycles, operate high performance motorcycles and are dedicated to making the roadways safe for all motorists. The primary goal of the unit is to modify dangerous driving behavior through education and enforcement, as they work to reduce traffic collisions, injuries and fatalities by addressing the factors that cause them. Dangerous behaviors include speeding, drug and alcohol consumption, mobile phone usage, which includes text messaging, and aggressive driving.

All motor officers complete intensive training programs and must demonstrate their riding proficiency regularly.

A picture of the Traffic Unit Logo

Traffic Homicide Unit

The Traffic Homicide Investigators are highly trained specialists who gather information and physical evidence after a major traffic incident. These officers not only conduct the in-depth traffic collision investigation, but they also deal with the injured parties and their families. Sometimes they have the difficult task of relaying the devastating news to family members that their loved one has been fatally injured in a collision. These officers can spend hours at a crash scene collecting evidence, photographing the scene, taking measurements and speaking with witnesses before beginning the in depth review of the evidence and drawing a conclusion. These investigations can take months before it is complete. The officers are available on an on-call basis and respond to scenes of serious collisions.

A picture of the Traffic Homicide Investigators logo