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Water Utilities Emergency Numbers:

Water Emergencies Call:

24 Hours:  863.834.4248

Wastewater Emergencies Call:

24 Hours: 863.834.8277

About Lakeland Water Utilities

Lakeland Water Utilities is responsible for providing potable water and wastewater reclamation to residential, commercial and industrial customers. We are proud to serve the greater Lakeland area and we welcome any questions or comments concerning our services!

Water & Wastewater Service Availability

Our Water service territory covers about 132 square miles of the greater Lakeland area. The Wastewater Service territory covers about 149 square miles.


Are you considering buying or building in the Lakeland area?

Do you want to know if Lakeland Water or Wastewater Services are available in a specific area?

Lakeland Water Utilities can assist you in determining if our services are available. We will need the street address and possibly the Parcel Identification number. Please have this information ready and contact the office using the link in the navigation panel or email us at WaterUtilityQuestions@lakelandgov.net

Ultra Low Flow Toilet Rebate Program for Residential & Commercial Customers

Water Utilities is currently offering rebates to our customers that replace old high flow toilets using 3.5 gallons per flush or more with new Ultra Low Flow 1.28 gallons per flush WaterSense® toilets (NOT the 1.6 gallons per flush).  To see if you qualify check out our Conservation page for details.  Funding is limited so don't delay.

Smart Water Meter Program


Over the next five years (starting in December 2017), Water Utilities will be installing Smart Water meters. To learn more about our Water Smart Grid project, Click Here.  


Complimentary Conservation Kits

Water Utilities is currently offering Complimentary Conservation Kits to our customers.   To see if you qualify check out our Conservation page for details.

Check For Service Availability

Use this Services link to determine availability at a Lakeland address.