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Boil Water Notices

Boiled water notices are issued to all properties that are affected. If your address did not receive a door tag or phone call and the address is not on the list below, then your water is safe to drink.

  • Current Boil Water Notices

    Updated 10/16/2018 at 7:53 AM

    PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to check the Date Rescinded column if you received a Boil Water Notice.

    Date Issued Street Address (Range) Number Connections Work Order # Date Rescinded


    10/16/2018 Palmetto

    830-647 E Palmetto

    636 Winfree


    10/10/2018 Fenton Ln

    940 Fenton Ln Units #17-36


    3773033 10/15/2018
    10/10/2018 Spanish Oaks Blvd

    5057-5072 Spanish Oaks Blvd

    5186-5192 Spanish Oaks Ln



    3772907 10/12/2018
    10/9/2018 New Tampa Hwy

    2985-2965 New Tampa Hwy


    3772034 10/11/2018
    10/5/2018 Island Shores Ln

    4819-4879 Island Shores Ln


    3760689 10/7/2018
    10/3/2018 E Norton St

    1500 - 1599 E Norton St

    1700 - 1704 E Newport St


    3769502 10/5/2018
    10/3/2018 Market Sq W.

    534-577 Market Sq. W


    3769073 10/5/2018
    10/2/2018 Old Tampa Hwy

    2655 Old Tampa Hwy


    3713807 10/4/2018
    9/30/2018 Ellerbe Way

    519-707 Ellerbe Way


    3767895 10/1/2018
    9/29/2018 Skiff Ave

    4507-4526 Skiff Ave


    3765625 10/1/2018
    9/29/2018 Hancock Lake Rd

    4510-5015 Hancock Lake Rd


    3765621 9/30/2018
    9/27/2018 New Tampa Hwy

    7105 New Tampa Hwy


    3713394 9/30/2018
    9/27/2018 Idlewild St

    1403-1625 Stacy Dr

    1403-1625 Leslie Dr

    2308-2540 Idlewild St




    3764227 9/28/2018
    9/27/2018 Dogwood Dr

    1501-1549 Dogwood Dr

    3003 Sego

    1517-1605 Marler Av


    3719790 9/29/2018
    9/26/2018 Bent Tree Lp. N.

    2020-3919 Bent Tree Lp


    3764095 9/28/2018
    9/25/2018 Turtle Rock

    1503-1796 Turtle Rock Dr

    1414-1429 Turtle Rock Ct


    3760995 9/27/2018













  • What is a Boil Water Notice?

    You may receive a "hang tag" or other form of written notice on your front door, or hear a news report on the radio, television, or through social media that a precautionary boil water notice has been issued for your neighborhood. Specific details about the event will be listed on the notice left at your door.  A contact number is also provided for additional information if needed.

  • What is a Precautionary Notice?

    The Polk County Health Department requires a precautionary notice after pressure in the lines drops below a certain level. This is usually caused by a water main break, system maintenance, or problems at the water plant such as a loss of disinfection. By comparison, a mandatory notice is rare and far more serious, and its provisions should be strictly followed.

  • Water Treatment

    A precautionary notice doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with the water. It is simply that it’s possible that contaminants may have entered the system. Thus, customers are advised as a precautionary measure to boil tap water for cooking and drinking.

  • Household Treatment Tips

    Boil water for one minute and cool before use. Follow these tips:

    • Pour water back and forth between two containers a few times to avoid a flat taste from boiling.
    • Discard any ice from automatic ice-makers.
    • Avoid contact with cuts or other wounds when bathing. Note that it is OK to use non-boiled water for bathing.
    • Allow the water to run until it is clear before washing clothes.
  • Notice Delivery

    Precautionary boil water notices are usually issued for 48 hours, until tests show the system is definitely clear of contaminants. If you received a notice on your door that an advisory has been issued, you also will receive a hand-delivered notice when the alert has been lifted. If you heard the news through the media, the lift notice will be issued the same way.