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Using two spaces violation

overtime parking violation

15 minute limit violation

Up to $250.00

meter violation

left wheels to curb violation

111th Accredited Agency (APWA)

General Information

Downtown on-street parking: You get 2 hours FREE total per day

Parking Meters:
Main Street Garage ... $1.00 per hour (Multi-Bay Meters)
Munn Park Lot ...... $1.00 per hour
Lot D ......................$1.00 per hour

There are two (2) types of Parking Citations:
Unlawful Parking ................ $ 15.00 Fine
Disabled Parking Violation .... $100.00 - $250.00 Fine

Unlawful citations are subject to a $20.00 late fee after 10 days if not paid, an additional $10.00 after 30 days and the entire amount may be turned over to a collection agency. Three or more of these will result in the non-issuance of your vehicle tag until paid. Disabled parking citations are also late after 30 days, incur no late fees and will result in the non-issuance of your vehicle tag after only one infraction.


1 -  Pay the fine by credit card using this Online Payment service.  There is a 90 cent transaction fee.

2 - Mail in check or money order and citation to the address listed on the citation envelop or place in the Lakeland Electric Drop Box. Cash payments can be made at the Lakeland Police Department, Records Division (219 N Massachusetts Avenue) or the Business Tax Office, City Hall (228 S Massachusetts Avenue). For questions, please call (863) 834-8356.

Any questions concerning downtown on-street parking, leased parking, or parking enforcement - please call the parking services office at (863) 834-6303.

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