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Downtown Parking

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111th Accredited Agency (APWA)

Main Street Garage (863) 834-6303

Main Street Parking GarageLocated in the 314 E Main St.  Includes the Parking System Office: 8AM - 5PM Mon. thru Fri.  Leased parking available for business and individuals @ $70.00 per month.  47 visitor spaces with Multi-bay meters are available. This visitor entrance is off of Cedar Street.

Iowa Avenue Garage (863) 834-6303

Photo of Iowa Ave GarageLocated behind City Hall at 501 E Lemon St.   Includes parking for City employees and for customers to City Hall and to the Electric Administration building.  City Hall and Customer Service hours are 8 AM - 5 PM Monday through Friday.   Visitor/Customer Parking is Free and available on level 1A only.

Orange Street Garage (863) 603-6314

Photo of Orange St GarageLocated in the 309 E Orange St. This garage is leased to FedEx and Publix for their employees' parking only.  Free public parking is available in this garage during events such as the Christmas Parade. Check the Lakeland Ledger for events and information.