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Dixieland Historic Neighborhood

The City of Lakeland has identified about 100 neighborhoods. Of those, we have 15 registered neighborhood associations. Today we will spotlight the Dixieland Historic Neighborhood. Designated as a U.S. historic district in 1994, Dixieland is on the east side of Lake Hunter, west of South Florida Avenue, and runs between Walnut and West Belvedere Streets.
The City of Lakeland appreciates the involvement of this neighborhood and we will continue to support their improvement efforts.

Organizing a neighborhood association can be very rewarding. If you are interested in becoming a registered neighborhood association, please contact the neighborhood outreach office at 863-834-6011 or view our webpage.


Make Your Neighborhood the Best It Can Be

When residents of an area decide to form a neighborhood association, it is usually because of a desire to achieve a common goal through united action. The goal could be as simple as wanting to improve an abandoned property or remove an old truck in a yard that has become an eyesore. Maybe there is an increase in crime and you don’t want to be the sole voice of complaint. Maybe you need a speed bump installed to reduce high traffic speeds. You might have a drainage problem that needs attention and calls to City Hall haven’t produced results.

Maybe you don’t have a particular problem but you just want to enhance your neighborhood. Perhaps you want to add a community garden or youth programs. It could be that the children are not allowed to use school grounds for recreation. Maybe there is a need for special activities for seniors. Maybe there is a need for more coordinated action among churches and other volunteer groups.

If you perceive that there is a shared need or a shared vision for a brighter future in your neighborhood, start the discussion about forming a neighborhood association. Collaborative action is the best way for a group of neighbors to create positive change. When minds and resources are brought together, solutions can often be found to issues that once seemed overwhelming.